Canada Photo Convention 2012

Well – here we go – a post about the Canada Photo Convention. Its happening April 2012 and Ive already signed up. Partly because im very excited about the speakers and the seminar topics, and partly because my rule of thumb is – if its in my calendar its happening.

So…you can read more about it here:

Win a Skype Chat with Steve McCurry

This blog is twofold. Its about learning how wordpress & blogging works and its also an entry into the Canada Photo Convention contest.

But this contest is more than just winning a Skype chat with Steve McCurry.  Its forced me to take a leap into the world of blogging, oh and eventually this Skype thing. Its not that im averse to technology, having built a very successful career as a Data Analyst, but reaching out in a way ive never interacted before is a bit overwhelming.

Its a learning curve – and Im excited about it. So here we go!